‘The Ornamented Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’

114 FitzGerald quatrains are presented (4 are from his notes). There are large words on a beautiful background; could be printed as a poster; one or a few quatrains per page. Has amazing floral frames. An oil effect was used. All new art.

The focus here is on brevity, for affordance.

‘The Ornamented Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Embellished’ edition adds right-facing images and ‘The Ornamented Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Embellished Special Edition’ adds 88 more images in pairs.

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‘Omar Returns Rubaiyat Adorned’

This ‘Omar Returns Rubaiyat Adorned’ subsumes what was the small ‘Persian Dreams’ Rubaiyat that described Persian lore and poetry, and builds on it, with Omar returning to his beloved “Moon of his Delight”, after traveling through the desert and noting the misinterpretation of some of his quatrains, which he states. Omar resumes his commentary on the human condition, after he, as the Earth, and she, as the moon, exchange romantic verses pertaining to their attraction.

Since FitzGerald has long let the djinn out of the bottle, the quatrains herein fly very wild. There are many new quatrains, as well as some retransmogrifications from the Calcutta manuscript. The quatrains starting with “The lake is calm…” unto the end have been borrowed from Positor with his approval.

Now adorned with some ornamentation, is wider, and has an oil effect.

Lulu A4 8.3×11.7 coil-bound      Amazon 7×10      iBook

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‘Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets Adorned’

Omar’s adventures/romances continue. Some big questions are answered.

The morn springs thee o’er oblivion’s brink,
The stars overcome, sunk in the day’s drink.
Now set thy path, past Allah’s golden dome,
Unto the green-grassed river-bank to sink.

Lulu A4 8.3×11.7 coil-bound
      Amazon 7×10      iBook


Inline video part 1 (older images; more parts on YouTube):

Book pages:

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‘Omar Khayyam’s Bodleian Rubaiyat Retransmogrified’ updated

Herein are the 158 quatrains by Omar Khayyam from the Bodleian Rubaiyat retransmogrified, more than 100 of them omitted by FitzGerald. Coumans’ quatrain correspondence table at his fine website, showing the Bodleian Rubaiyat manuscript’s various public domain quatrains’ translations and/or stylizations, allows one to home in on the real Omar Khayyam by reading between the lines of literal and the poetic. How ever so many quatrains dealing with drinking came to be written indicates how prime the theme of wine was meant to be, or at least the useful connections to thereof, plus the connotation of drinking wine extending unto the enjoyment of life in in general through its drinking in. Nevertheless, descriptions of total drunkenness are unmistakable and ever-present. Let’s call FitzGerald’s renderings to be about 40, since he got two from a couple and also used bits and pieces. His Rubaiyat of 114 quatrains made for the greatest poem in history.

Updated with more frames and ornamentation in these formats:

Lulu A4 8.3×11.7 coil bound      Amazon 7×10      iBook

YOUTUBE VIDEO (older images)

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