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There are more illustrated elfin references in Flora Symbolica: Lore and Legends of the Flowers Art Scapes, an effort that will be presented in another post.


I love that time just after the gloaming,
With the last of the glowflies still roaming,
The night airs full of amorous promise,
And the quietus that lets love’s dreams rise.

Here our ships are over-brimmed with visions
So clearly seen that some must roll on in,
For the prismatic arch of the sun bow
Is anchored twice to the real world below.

I dip myself in, as the cup to fill
From the stream of consciousness my will
That is beyond the plain reality,
As waking from it all the more to be.

The gossamer mist snared me, barely felt,
A fairy cloth of prehistoric weave that yet
Haunted every stream, meadow, and wood
In the Land of Youth, where timeless beings live.

For as I’d sensed the cloud of lilac fragrance
From a mountainous bush, that passing mist
Awakened olden creature things in me
That sympathized on an ancient frequency.

To life’s forgotten tides and swells I yielded,
And thus was allowed into their spaceless world—
Through a small opening that tunneled at first,
Then funneled into the expanse of Fairylande.

Trumpet flowers had announced my coming,
My ticket being the poems that I’d written
On the lore and legends of the flowers—of Eve
And elves bringing forth all that bloomed and grew.

The Lande appeared at first much like my own,
But I saw colors that I’d never seen,
That were neither blue nor green nor in between,
And further they shone in some strange direction.

So this tale I give you if I can return to tell it,
Of shadow worlds within Earth’s dominion,
Preternatural places transcending time and space—
The enchanted Faery World, Earth’s missing link.

Of man and angel, one yet neither, they came,
To dwell forever in shadow worlds, between
Form and substance, they, all elfin creatures
And all who float or fly as came from Paradise.

Yet neither here nor there, though everywhere,
They’re the fairy host, nurslings of eternity
And of all things everlasting, like Amaranth,
And of all things Heavenly, with love and dreams.

Alive only at life’s Heavenly cusp,
They appear but in half-light dawn or dusk,
Seen usually by some quick sideways glance,
Or through some autumnal haze perchance.

Fays live in a moon-blue star-mist, out of space
And out of time, rising each morn as vapors,
Wavering here-there in rainbow colors,
Being the light and life of all leaves and flowers.

Midwives of bloom, wizards of natural miracles,
Painters of green, and guardians of buds,
They, the keepers of what moves all things,
Are with flowers Heaven’s smile upon the Earth.

Born of kisses, fays are life’s spirit-soul,
So much felt as to be oft seen and heard.
Their musical wings play songs so intense
That they fall as perfume upon the sense.

Fairy tinklings are sensed as drowsy fumes—
Incense lifting one on wings of fairy sighs,
The tide that turns us—as seen in the wake
Of leaves rising in their swell on windless nights.

Other mortals I saw too while passing through,
Then knew that Elflande overlapped our own;
They were not asleep but frozen in motion,
Awake yet unmoving in their instant of time.

Such when each moment passed unto the next
These mortal beings passed too, wondering what
Might have been seen: phantasms in the mind
That fell between the frames of their living film.

All things I felt continuously now,
As in humankind I knew only in
Rare moments of ecstasy when melded
Happenings had lifted me heavenward.

Magical things I saw, that only appear
On Earth when one’s eyes close but for a second:
Wingèd ladies, and flowered butterflies,
Whose prints are pressed as dust upon the pansies.

The birds were of a species never known
And seemed to share a special closeness
With their elven brethren, faery sisterhood—
Which I knew and felt and saw as kinship.

I heard woodlands that once only whispered,
Meadows where there was once but a murmur,
And grasslands unhushed, full of wondrous sounds—
The music from beyond the human range.

My senses were heightened: touch went deeper;
My eyes saw colors beyond the spectrum;
I reached into living things, knowing them;
All the odours called, mixed with emotion.

A flush of youth shot through me, as the chain
Of light from angel to faerie added my link,
And my eyes were sparks of bright burning fire,
Sense extended in a new dimension.

I sprouted wings, and flew like a bumblebee,
And fell in love with a lovely wingèd flower
That had come to life, the vision of fantasy,
Her elfin eyes beckoning me toward ecstasy.

Summer follows us around, elfin queen
Of hearts, as we lay snug in winter green,
Your glowing pixie crown lighting the scene,
Your curves spooning, your ears pointing away.

As fays we made love in the air, hovering—
Evanescent visions of disembodied happiness,
The magic link in the chain of things, connecting
Man to God by angel and star to all that we are.

Satisfied, fulfilled, yet desiring more,
We returned to our cabin, loving deep
Into sleep, as blackness fell all around,
But for the starry memories that glowed.

Although I can stay no more than a year away
Or lose mortal form, this place will be my home,
So here I’ll return, the seasons going round,
Where I’ll continue to expand this poem.

Although back to deliver these words, I already
Miss the sylvan solitude and the crystal pools
Of the enchanted worlds ‘tween Heaven and Earth,
Where the wanderers of light call me home.

So now, live your life and dream a dream through
Dale, meadow, and field, in grove and greensward,
Across love’s pure stream, in shimmering sheens
Of the dells of Elflande; it takes but a wish.