Austin Torney has updated his print editions of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam


5×8 small format edition, with just the quatrains,102 pages.

6×9 ‘book size’, with extras, 178 pages.

8×10 large format edition, with extras, 212 pages.

8×10 economy edition, four per page, with extras, 62 pages. This is the cheapest edition, and the one most like the ibooks edition, with an extended New Calendar section, but the images are smaller, although quite readable.

PrestoPhoto: 8×10 economy edition, four per page, with extras, saddle-stitched (you have to request this when ordering), 80 pages. This edition too is the most identical to the ibooks edition. (Will be there soon.)

‘Extras’ are a transmogrification story, colorizations of some of Edmund Sullivan’s b/w illustrations, a Titanic ‘Great Omar’ Story, a New Calendar story, a poetic tribute to Omar Khayyam, and misc material.

The ‘Great Omar’ jewel-encrusted edition
Of the Rubaiyat had but two renditions,
But one of them was destroyed in conflict,
And the other went down with the Titanic.

The lone jewel encrusted ‘Great Omar’,
Now worth over 20 million dollars,
Sunk, with the mighty Titanic.
I plucked it up from the North Atlantic.

The book has 1,051 semiprecious stones,
Set in 18-carat gold, many in the cover alone,
5,000 separate pieces of collared leathers,
And 100 square feet of 22-carat feathered
Gold leaf in the tooling and the edges weathered.