We’ve all had magic moments, in which we were totally in the zone, with perhaps the scenery being accommodating too, on a perfect day, at the right time, accompanied by a romantic partner, as well, making for an unforgettable occasion.Art can capture the essence of such experiences, and therein its painting or composition we can more easily get birds to pose, and  more, this taking us further into the magical, enchanted moments.

We can keep it realistic, via photos of reality, mixing and matching skies, backgrounds, flora, or even get into more otherworldly realms, via DAZ3D or Poser, that take a step further toward fantasy, although keeping the other foot semi-real, as their rendition capabilities keep on improving.

Add verse, and then the image and the words each raise up the other, in a kind of a feedback loop.

Then too, there are magical moments of insight in science and philosophy, and in descriptions in prose and poetry, which, in addition to art, makes for what this site is all about.

Whalely Lake BL 160 dpiA Fine Day at Whaley Lake

Once I rented a place for a year on Whaley Lake, NY, and took a photo of it. Not enough flowers were in bloom, so I added some, plus the birds would not sit still, so I added them in, and ducks, and perhaps more, but I’m not telling. Nor did I see a whale, but now there is one.