Austin Torney has published his poetic and artful description of the romance of the fireflies—a poem that won a contest on (He is FireFlies over there.)Free ibook 48 pages, 410 MB

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The day pours life into roots with sunlight.
Flowers bloom, showering us with delight.
In a blossom, a glow-worm blinks its light,
Kindling the flames of a romantic night.

The glow-worms, fairy stars come down to ground,
Gleam the shadowy woods through summer’s round.
During the gloaming they warm up their lights,
And then metamorphose wings for their flights.

The dusk deepens, night’s pot of tea steepens;
Silence descends, as when a gift opens.
Eventide rises. On high, Scorpius camps;
The eyes catch stars, like fireflies in lamps.

The sky is lit, a twinkling promenade,
Of mating calls from luminated pods,
Tracers pulsing wild, searching thoughts that smile—
From fireflies named Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Nod.

Flashing desire, the glow-fly twinkles across
The starry summer sky, love’s energy unspent,
Searching through the darkness, with passion’s might,
For the beacon of her consent—the surging sight
Of love’s pulsing, green and yellow light.

The reply: “Yes, oh yes”, alight, she winks, to woo.
Now he becomes a firefly, as at once she does too.

“Come light your lantern and mine with good cheer;
We’re magic lamps—our spirits dance in there.
Our beginnings and ends are of nowhere,
So let’s radiate, since for now we’re here!”

In a closing flower, they together make their stead,
Blinking, winking, in the seclusion of its petal bed.
This dance of light and love—their honeymoon,
Brightens the night—till it looks much like noon.

Their jolts and bolts, surging, merge in currents,
Sweeping back and forth, as they signal delight—
Fires luming and oft reluming
The flames of love, in electric hugs—
For they have by now become lightning bugs.

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