We humans mirror and recapitulate
All of evolution while growing in our mother’s womb,
Racing through the stages in which life evolved.

During this nine months and even beyond that
We move from mindlessness to shadowy awareness
To consciousness of the world around us
Onto consciousness of the self
And then even to becoming conscious
Of consciousness itself.

For the first two and one-half years of life
The inexplicable holistic world
Is experienced less and less holistically
As the child discovers the
Bounds of discrete objects.

The holistic right brain remains of course
For us to take in the overall view,
While the logical left brain is also there to recognize
The detailed relationships between objects.

As such, so goes the universe,
Since we are formed in its image.

So then this gives us a clue
To the nature of the universe.

Seeing that the brain is
Divided into two hemispheres,
Each with their own
Characteristic mode of thought,
Which can communicate with each other,
Means that we are looking very deeply
Into the way that reality itself is constructed.

These two complimentary aspects
To the cosmos are thus absolutely essential,
One being of the whole:
The apparently indivisible,
Continuous fluid entity
Although discrete at unnoticeable levels,
The other being the interrelationships of the parts.

Each interpretation cannot appear
At exactly the same time,
But the Yin ever gives way to Yang
And ever then back to Yin, and so on,
The rounded life of the mind
Thus continuing to fully roll
As the cycle of this symmetry
Turns and returns;
If not, one either gets totally lost
In the details or prematurely halts
After but an apparent whole.

The holistic right brain mode is unfocused,
As we see in some people
Who are unconcerned with details,
It always building the scene in parallel
To form a single entity;
Whereas, the focused left side of brain
Isolates a target of interest and tracks it
And its derivatives sequentially and serially.

Yet the two sides of the overall brain
Are connected to each other
And so the speed of the juggling act
Can meld them together
Into a complete balance like that
Portrayed by the revolving Yin-Yang symbol,
Each ever receding and giving rise to the other
Such does the universe go both ways too,
Its separate parts implicated
With everything else in the whole.

During conscious observation
The ‘hereness’ and ‘nowness’
Of reality crystalizes and remains,
We establishing what that reality is to some extent.

We define and refine the nature of reality
That leads to the mind’s outlook.

Counterintuitive? Cyclical?

Yes but it is the universe in dialog with itself;
The wave functions and yet the function waves.

The universe supplies the means of its own creation,
Its possibilities supplying the avenues
And the probability and workability
That carve out the paths leading to success.

So here we are, then and now,
The rains of change falling everywhere,
The streams being carved out,
The water rising back up to the sky,
The rain then falling everywhere,
The streams recarving and meandering
Toward more meaning and so on.