Why the reality of being is the way it is and what makes it up.


As for forces, which are just a prelude here,
We note that two of them are transitional,
The Electric and the Magnetic,
Each giving rise to the other,

And that two others are oppositional,
The Weak and the Strong,
The Weak promoting changeability,
The Strong promoting stability.
Gravity is then left as a blend of all.

( Strong vs. Weak ) [Gravity] ( Electro Magnetic )

So, would oppositional and transitional pairs
Work for our human being as well?

For us humans, all is of the
Movement of Appearances,
These Movements giving rise
To notions of time…

Past into Future,
Or the Then to When through the Now:
Transitional in only one direction;
While Appearances beget notions of
Matter lumps, in a place of Space…

Matter and Space, or the What and Where
Are a kind of an opposition in that
The knots of matter are separate
From the gaps of space in between;
Or in short all seems to be the
Movement through time/distance
Of Matter in Space.

( Matter vs. Space ) [Being] ( Past —> Future )

We will see that our being is composed
From these simple notions begun,

For movement grants time—
The Then and the When
Of the Past and the Future,
Via change;

While Matter is the What,
And Space is the Where,
Via ‘clumps’.

The blend of all these would be
The spirit of life.

These fields then further combine:
The What/Matter + When/Future field
Becoming the Progression
Of matter into the future,

And the What/Matter + Then/Past field
Being the History
Of the matter past—what has occurred.

The When/Future of Where/Space field
Makes for Wishes, hopes and dreams
In the future place of space;

The Then/Past + Where/Space field—
Begets Remembrance of memories
In the past space.

The emergent fields then further combine:
Learning becomes of Remembrance and History;

A Change of Outlook becomes
Of Remembrance and Wishes;

A Change in Structure is Progress from History;
And Vision is of Wishes and Progress.

At the next higher stage,
Being Creative is brought forth
From Learning combined with a Change in Structure;

Direction results from Learning
And a Change of Outlook;

Growth is the Vision for a Change of Outlook;

Planning is the Vision for a Change in Structure.

Finally, Creating, Direction, Growth, and Planning
Compose one’s being—The Who.


Nothing (Why) —> Possibility (How)

[ Space(Where) Matter(What) ]