The sun fills the waking and breathing world
With the fire of her imagination.
In poetry the sun is the power behind the mind;
The moon, planets, and stars are symbols too.

Sometimes intellectual beauty is bright
And ideas gush from the eternal flame;
Sometimes it fails when the shadows of clouds
Dim the clarity of thought now and then.

Quenchless, boundless, ever bright and burning,
The mind’s light searches every dark cavern,
Probing, imagining—its beam alighting
Upon the earth or high atop cloud mist,

And melts, with heat, energy, and desire,
The fog of lone reason and pure passion,
Burning it away, soft dissolving it
With the love of life, earth, mankind, and star—

From which comes adventure, friendship, delight,
Joy, success, triumph, and lasting gladness
Throughout the sun’s journey into the night,
When stars shine on mind—suns they also are!

The moon fills the sleeping and breathing world
With the icy coolness of chaste reason
Unaffected by deep burning passions
Although sunlit to glow in its wan light.

Reason, unsteady as the variant moon,
Oft does not rise in the night to guide us,
And deserts us in darkest times of woe;
We are alone on a black cloud-bound night!

Else the moon hides in the bright light of day,
Or is lost behind an overcast sky;
But moonless nights take us beyond reason
When the stars excite us with their lights.

Yes, inspiration returns with the stars—
A thousand ideas beckon from afar;
Ideas wink like fireflies on the mind’s meadow—
As starlight they stab the darkness of nought,
Until star-like Venus rises near dawn.

Goddess of romantic love and passion,
She captures us within emotion’s swell,
While comets flash and confuse the wild sky.

Soon intellectual beauty returns,
Borne on birds’ wings as song into the dawn,
For all human music is but a part
Of earth’s ancient melody and rhythm.

Imagination now soars past a day,
And into the season of spring’s fast growth;
The shade is deep and cool, like the ghost of
Winter passing—gone but still remembered.