Mikey was a unicellular microorganism,
A microbe, one of the bacteria
That were called ‘extremophiles’,
For they were capable of living
In extreme environmental conditions
Of temperature, pH, salinity, pressure, dryness,
Radiation, and even with no sunlight or oxygen.

They even loved chomping on plutonium,
The deadliest substance ever known.

Mikey’s ancestry went back 4 billion years,
He being among the sturdiest creatures on Earth,
Those that had also become its master,
For humans couldn’t live for
But a few minutes without bacteria.

Mikey thought that he might go to Enceladus
For a balmy vacation where life was easy,
Always with a pool and party not too far away.

Enceladus is a small satellite of Saturn
And is a geologically active moon world
With some wondrous scenery
Of spouting volcanic plumes,
Even having a bath of water within and below.

Just about then,
For sometimes wishes do come true,
A huge meteor impact struck the Earth
And thrust some material into space,
Including Mikey and friends,
Who then resided rather dormant
In a rock that protected them
By acting as a shield
Against solar radiation and cosmic rays,
Not that this would have bothered them a whole lot.

Eons later Mikey and friends
And their rock of a spaceship landed on Enceladus.
Mikey stepped out of the rock
And onto a tiger-striped surface
Where the temperature was about -359 degrees F.
A tiny shiver almost began
To undulate through him,
But, he shrugged it off.

He was hungry, though,
Not having eaten for millions of years,
Except for a few bites of iron—
And so he was really only running quickly
At about half-speed.

His friends followed excitedly,
Covering over 100 kilometers in a few minutes.
They paused every so often
To gobble up some dust.

They were taken aback for a millisecond
When they spotted a fast food restaurant
With a sign that said
‘Billions and billions of bacteria served here’.

“Hey, there is native life here,
Just as we’d hoped” said Mikey.

“What a tropical paradise!
Hey, there are some hot springs.
Let’s take a dip with the sexy native girls
And then kick back and relax.”

They frolicked and swam all around
For a few thousand years…
Until a very large eruption
Sent them all far into space.

After a billion years or so,
They landed on the 4th planet from a sun
In a solar system far away,
Seeding it with life that became human-like
Within a few more billion years,
Although their were some differences in anatomy.

— Mikey

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