Toe Questors discover the Secrets of the Universe, as well as the humorously dangerous implications that follow their possession of the Holy Grail of the genuine Theory of Everything. With the world’s future hanging in the balance, they sharpen their wits and skills through the teachings of the learnéd Grand Masters, joining the World Intelligence Empire as operatives. It’s comedic at times but meaningful and deadly serious at others.

Those who quest for the knowledge of everything have found much of it, and so they are pursued by their local intelligence agencies for this information. They take retreat in the up and coming World Intelligence Agency, into which some of the other organizations eventually merge, wherein they train, which experiences turn out to be grand adventures within themselves. Some go on to more ultimate adventures, many of which reflect the state of the world today, and its possible futures, involving terrorism, global warming, and nuclear happenings. The story is a smooth mix of wisdom, meaning, adventure, drama, humor, intelligence operations, and vision, wrapped into an astounding and astonishing tale.

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