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Short Description: Two Army MP leaders pursue a seemingly routine weapons theft case in Hawaii, but find there are larger forces at work. Their mysterious Colonel eventually initiates and guides them towards ultimate maneuverings, and even to the underpinnings of reality itself. A drug case is the ultimate adventure of the book, which draws the MPs into the mountains where there is a cave retreat.

Long description: As MPs, Patrick, the Captain, and Juliet, his Sergeant, at Fort Shafter, Oahu, Hawaii, pursue a seemingly routine weapons theft case, but find there is more to it, that there are much larger forces operating behind the scenes, both good and bad, their mysterious Colonel eventually initiating and guiding them into these worlds that are even deeper than those of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and the CIA, and ever onwards towards the ultimate maneuverings, clashes of epic proportions, and even to the underpinnings of reality itself, all as revealed though the shadow empire that is in place to protect the world.

There is adventure, drama, romance, detective work, mystery, joy, wisdom, interleaved, all at once, and even a grand insight at the end into how and why everything exists.

A drug case is the ultimate adventure of the movie, which draws the MPs into the mountains behind the fort, where there is also the Captain’s secret mountain retreat.

Locales include Oahu, San Francisco, Texas, Tahiti, and Niihau.

Intro: Waterfalls ran between the domes of green looming as hills into mountains as I looked upon the glory of the main island of the archipelago of the 50th state.

The MP waved me through the gate again, the same man, six months later, although I don’t need to use the gate; however, if it’s open I use it, for it’s a shorter and smoother way to the mountain retreat. The other MP stayed inside the hut—a good practice. We headed up. Juliet from Jamaica had been taking care of the place, on and off, and all was found to be in order. No one can find us here.

I thought back almost 40 years…

Long ago, near the end of my Army term, I became the temporary Captain of an MP unit for three months. It was a rare MP combat unit that had returned from Vietnam/Cambodia. MP combat units guard convoys and other times forward installations. My new job mostly amounted to keeping track of them, their needs, and their pay, although there was an interesting incident which I may get to later. I deployed them around Fort Shafter and Schofield Barracks, as many thousands of troops were returning during the Paris Peace Accords. MPs were always needed. If the Army had only two troops, then one would have to be an MP. There was no Major, so I reported to the Colonel. I had an outside office, during the day and part of the evening, a four-posted open shelter with a thatched roof.

An MP has a lot of power. An MP can arrest a General, even inside the Pentagon. Of course, they’d better be right or have probable cause. Who, then, watches the guards, as one always wonders? Well, it’s the Judge Advocate General’s corps. And who watches them? No one, really, for they are an end unto themselves. The Uniform Code of Military Justice rules all. The MPs police the internals of the army, mostly, wherein there are even more problems than in civilian life, while the DIA focuses on externals, yet here I was, doing both, due to a shortage of MP Majors. My old friend, the CGUSAPAC–Commanding General USA/Pacific–was gone, having just retired, and so there was a new one. I would probably have to arrest him one day, on the last day of my term, which was another reason for my new assignment made by the former General, now retired in Tahiti.

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