Last Knight’s Almanac celebrates life, love, and adventure in the years following the death of King Arthur, and serves as a backdrop on which I can draw literary portraits of many of man’s favorite things, such as nature, astronomy, emotion, poetry, travel, history, fantasy, art, and so on.

Arthurian legend is the main thread of the story and is one of my favorite things, so this is important, too. What really happened in the Dark Ages?

And yes, it’s true, but only if you wish to believe it, that I unearthed these Chronicles from an iron box that was buried 1400 years ago under the Abbey of Glastonbury. Greatly color illustrated—a graphic novel.

This is one of my earlier efforts, written after I saw the movie, ‘Excalibur’. ‘Prince Valiant’ was an inspiration also. There are four parts.

Video Playlist for all parts: