We are the Eternal Smile of Being,
The Joy of the Universe’s Creation!

In us the Cosmos has come alive,
And has evolved into our consciousness,
From primordial matter and energy.

We have arrived! We are the Cosmos itself.
We are the Universe—life from Stardust!

We live but for one of Eternity’s heartbeats,
Borrowing Life from Death for just a while.
All that we are we owe to Time, Death, and Stars.

Truly from the Stars cometh our help;
The Stars are the creators of atomic matter.
Within a Star’s heart, matter transforms itself
And gives off energy; this is why the Stars shine!

Death is the ultimate evaluator
And the director of all evolutionary progress.
Death selects the wise from the silly;
Death chooses the useful from the useless,
But it takes Time.

It is this long yardstick that sticks in the throat.

For what seemed like Forever,
Our sleepless spirits have waited
To catch light, life, and delight
From Heaven’s smile.
Finally, we are so lucky and we live.

We stand atop the pinnacle of Nature’s tireless toil,
Which has at last brought forth our souls
From that black and endless eternal deep.
What a joy to Be!

In what far and fiery depths of space
Burnt the fire of your Spirit?
In what distant star was born the gleam in your eye?

Know it well, for one day Death will ask you
“What did you do all of your life?”

But for now we are alive.
Our mind and senses interpret and disperse
The base Reality into the colors and sensations
Of the phenomenal world.

We can become either rainbows or ugly stains!
Our minds, like Shelley’s prisms of many-colored glass,
Strain the white Radiance of Eternity,
Into our life—until Death tramples us—
And back we go to stardust,
After relentless time has wasted us away.

Yes, our creators of Time, Death, and Stardust
Must also write our epitaph;
They devour us in order to return
That life-dream which was lent to us.

But here we are now, and perhaps we come to know
That the simpler things in life are still the best:
A glass of water from the well in the morning;
To love, laugh, and sing with family and friends.

And so we live out our lives with honor and love,
Kindness and generosity—these are our true colors.
Life for the sake of life! Good for good’s sake!
Enjoying everyone and everything and every season.

Many think that they are more important
Than they really are, that they deserve some reward—
Of a divine destiny in Heaven where their every whim,
Wish, and fancy can be fulfilled for all of time.

Well, to me, such endless satisfaction and pleasure
Sounds really rather prideful, wishful, even decadent.
The ultimate humility is for us to realize
That we are just electrochemical organisms.

Are we quite lucky and fancy organisms? Oh, yes.
Are we specially created by a Master? Oh, no.
We are the embodiment of the Cosmos
And are ever the results of natural laws.

Death will be forever, but man,
With his exaggerated view of self-importance,
And not wishing to see a final end
To his glorious life—and I can hardly blame him—
Desperately grasps for immortality’s promise.

For me I will continue to catch life’s joy and smile
And will bathe in the light of its constant sunrise.

On my last night on this Earth,
I will not be haunted by regret
When the Sleep of Death comes
To take me to Corruption’s dim dwelling place—
For I will know that I lived for color and smile.

And what of the Stars?

They remain, as Eternity’s Love-lamps,

Representing our good works and deeds,
Which even the fathomless night cannot quench.

Perhaps one day, at the end of forever,
The Stars too will die and grow cold when
Time conquers all; but as long as they live
They will shine and radiate the hues
That paint the colors of our ashes
Reborn again on the phoenix wings of Time.