The three lower consciousnesses that are
Obsessed with the securing of objects,
With the chasing of sensations, power,
And control will never ever be enough.

When we converse with ourselves, it is our
Higher Consciousness—our Conscious Awareness
Or ‘I’ that questions our lower consciousness
Impulses toward securing, sensation, and power.

Conscious Awareness, which can but witness,
Is a safe haven from which to observe
The drama of our lives playing in our minds,
Granting us a sobering distance from it.

From a safe subjective place that’s free of fear,
Our ‘soul’, our conscious awareness, can witness
The strange thoughts and emotions that surface
On the mind, sent by the subconscious brain.

Seeing the big picture of life and its stages
And connections lets one not get annoyed, say,
At being cut off in traffic, for they
May be old, learning, lost, growing, or angry.

Putting the needs of others ahead of
Our own produces the byproduct of
Happiness and reduces stress, for we
No longer have unrealistic expectations.

There are No actions of people that can
Justify our becoming irritable
Angry, fearful, jealous or anxious if
We give them our unconditional love.

If we don’t accept the unacceptable,
Then we lower our level of consciousness;
Our response will mirror their uptightness—
Which can spread the bad moods onto others.

Putting ourselves in the place of others
When hurtful things are done to us
Expands our consciousness, compassion, and love,
Since we can come to know why they did it.