Electronic books:

Video ‘book’:

The greatest ‘book’ is the video version, as I’ve put on YouTube, under ‘austintorn’, since there is motion, glowing scenes, and speaking, plus it is free. Either the book pages are in the video or the video still frames became the book pages.


This site that you are on now: All the books’ pages are here (at 791 pixels across).


Apple iPad/Mac (iBooks) and Kindle show a high resolution glowing image and only cost a few dollars, plus the video is often embedded.


Printed books:

The 6×9 size most resembles a typical book that one might carry around, while the 8.5×11 and 11×8.5 sizes would be more for a coffee-table book or to bring all the detail in the illustrations.

If the book is considered a keepsake, then one would want a hardcover, an option only available at PrestoPhoto. (Soft covers may curl up or wrinkle over time.) There are 13×10 and 14×11 sizes too, at PrestoPhoto.

In general, the print quality of an illustrated book is better from PrestoPhoto and Lulu than from Amazon since PrestoPhoto and Lulu allow uploads of 2GB (2000MB) while Amazon limits them to 400MB; so, there is a trade-off between better quality (at PrestoPhoto or Lulu) and a lower price (at Amazon). PrestoPhoto also has several higher quality paper options, although I’m satisfied with their basic paper. Amazon has only one paper type. At Lulu, a great coated paper is standard.

Lulu 9×7 soft cover and larger books are the best compromise of cost and paper quality, their cost being just a slight bit more than Amazon’s but having a much better coated paper that is even comparable to PrestoPhoto’s additional cost paper.