Austin P. Torney has finally rendered/illustrated a Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam that he is completely satisfied with. It is subtitled Ancient Times, to differentiate it from his Resplendent version.

The Ancient Times scenes were arranged in animation software called ‘iclone’, from which the illustrated book pages and the accompanying 4K video production became.

The Ancient Times version breaks new ground, for Austin, in that all 114 of Omar’s unique quatrains transmogrified by Edward FitzGerald are illustrated, with 4K quality, with consistent character figures, who even have several changes of clothes, plus there are many extra facing-page images, usage of Persian-oriented fonts, and an interesting introduction contrasting the Sufi with the non-Sufi views.

Austin’s Resplendent version of the 114 quatrains has now been extended so that it also has every quatrain illustrated (still via DAZ3D and Poser).

Here is the new 4K capable video of the Ancient Times / Resplendent versions with book images added, some of which morph into motion:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Austin’s first attempt, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (2008), pretty much remains as it was.

Austin’s Omar Khayyam’s Bodleian Manuscript Retransmogrofication now has more illustrations in it, making for all 158 quatrains to be illustrated. It was ‘written’ by considering all the public domain renderings of the manuscript (excepting FitzGerald’s) to find common ground, with an attempt to toward more poetic formations.

There is also a joined Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam—with Austin’s Ancient Times version combined with his Resplendent version, made by interleaving them. The words are on the Ancient Times art so that the full art can be presented. It has many extra  pages and is called Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Ancient Times Resplendent. It’s glorious.

As for Austin’s own Rubaiyat style quatrains, his Austin’s Golden Rubaiyat Art Scapes lives on (made via DAX3D and Poser), but there is now another version, subtitled Persia Fumes, which also utilizes the ‘iclone’ method, and so it is a great satisfaction, too.


Austin’s Theory of Everything Rubaiyat and his Flowering Houris Rubaiyat have been slightly updated.

Austin has added two new Rubaiyats of his own original quatrains, Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets and Rubaiyat of Rhymes and Reasons, in which Omar’s ponderings, romances, offerings, and adventures continue, in a more personal, conversational level, such as via discussions in a tavern or with his lady friend in the wilderness.

There is also a joined Austin’s Golden Rubaiyat—with Austin’s Persia-Fumes version combined with his Art Scapes version, made by interleaving them. It is called Austin’s Golden Rubaiyat Persia-Fumes Art Scapes. Super!

Finally, there are collections of similar-themed material, such as The Superlative Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat, The Complete Lore and Legends, and more.

Positor’s Rubaiyat Redux has been update as well.

The rest of Austin’s non-rubaiyat books have been updated, many of which utilize quatrains.

A new, more useful, compromise format between Amazon’s 6×9/8.5×11 cheaper but uncoated paper and PrestoPhoto’s extra price 13×10/14×11 coated paper is Lulu’s 9×7 size, with beautiful coated paper as standard, the 9×7 being large enough for full page details to be impressive, and so most of Austin’s books are now available in this format.

The same for Lulu’s larger A4(8.26×11.69) and 8.5×11 sizes, with the same fine coated paper, which can accommodate twice the amount of material as the 9×7 size, with only slightly smaller images, two to a page, some coil bound so they can open flat.

Many of Austin’s books have videos associated with them—to be found on ‘YouTube’ under ‘AustinTorn’, with some of them also referenced in this blog.

That should do it for me for quite a while.

Note: Austin is not really trying to sell books but just make them available for their permanence, for all of the books’ pages are revealed in his blog for anyone to look at anytime, in a large enough size, and besides, onscreen (and in videos or as an ibook) the images glow, which feature surpasses even a glossy book page.