Here is my final and Ultimate Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, it having absorbed the best of my other Omar Rubaiyats. This is truly my final effort. It is an all encompassing Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and contains the best from all my prior Omar rubaiyats, such as the Annotated, the Resplendent, the Ancient Times, the Ornamented-Embellished, and the Bodleian Retransmogrification.

— 115 FitzGerald quatrains (5 are from his notes).
— Bodleian and Calcutta manuscript source quatrains.
— Annotated.

This 14×11 PrestoPhoto print version is $420/400 pages. They say that if one is not careful the binding might not hold up, but this is the only large format very high resolution version (300 dpi) with the art on one full page. I haven’t bought it yet to check it out, so beware.

This all too expensive book might as well be down on the Titanic with ‘The Great Omar’.