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The End of the Earth

Charon notes the 2022 doom of increased global warming, followed by a nuclear winter, as inferred from some of the still speaking souls sent to Hell.


Into the Lands of the Gods


All That Lies Between

It is a beauty and a brilliance Flashing up in its destructance; For, everything isn’t here to stay its “best”; It’s merely there to die in its sublimeness. Like slow fires making their brands, it breeds; Yet, ever consumes and moves on, as more it feeds,Then spreads forth anew, this unpurposed dispersion,An inexorable emergence with little reversion, Ever becoming of its glorious excursionsThrough the change that patient time restrains, And feasting upon the glorious decayed remains, In its progressive march through losses for gains.


Living Freely

Life on the cheap and nearly free in a warm climate.


Route 66—The Mother Road


The Meadows of Heaven

How the universe formed its galaxies, and more. Fare thee well, fine friends, For we are some of The luckiest sons and daughters of being In a rare universe well done.


The Wondrous Curves of Life

A quest for secret places unto the ultimate one, plus romance and wisdom.


Today’s Rubaiyat Art Scapes

This work contains my initial Rubaiyat, illustrated with art from Poser and DAZ3D and other apps. Theses are new quatrains, not translations of Omar Khayyàm’s Rubàiyàt.

As for Omar, he has indeed achieved immortality, since his spirit and words yet resist death by living on in our writings and readings. Thus inspired, I have endeavored to capture Omar’s spirit, for more modern times, to create these new quatrains, although I have surely been influenced by Edward FitzGerald’s translated gems.

There is also a prose version, ‘The Triumph of Life, Love, and Being’, in which a loving couple takes a long, picaresque journey through the countryside to explore the joys and follies of the human condition.

Long before I’d ever heard of Omar Khayyàm, I had, apparently, come to some of the same conclusions as had he, or so my friend told me one day, saying that I was already living out and proving Omar’s philosophy. 

Amazed that I hadn’t heard of Omar, my friend gave me a copy of the Rubàiyàt, one of those charming small-sized editions from the late 1800’s. Of course the Rubàiyàt stuck a chord in me which was already resonating to Omar’s frequency, so, I read it cover to cover several times, with both wonderment and understanding.


Austin’s Rubaiyat of Eternal Secrets


Austin’s Rubaiyat of Rhymes and Reasons


Omar Returns Rubaiyat


The Theory of Everything Rubaiyat


Austin’s Golden Rubaiyat


A Long Way Through Time and Space

This is a greatly illustrated version of the last part of my autobiographical novel, ‘Young Lives, Loves, and Words’, situated in Hawaii, in a rare, conjuncted nexus of the Army, IBM, Xanadu, metaphysics, science, cosmology, love, and romance.


Austin’s Rediscovered Quatrains Art Scapes

These quatrains were too hastily deemed either too plain, repetitive, or not applicable, plus I’d run out of illustrations, and Austin’s Rubaiyat was already out, and very long, but now that I look at them again, many of them are fine. I still rejected a good number—they appear at the end, as The Discarded Quatrains.


The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Jewett Restored

A restoration and detail improvement of a rare private Rubaiyat.


The Love Life of the Glow-Worm (new 7/10/2021)

The Love Life of the Glow-Worm Art Scapes updated 7/10/2021

Illustrated romance of the fireflies—a poem that won a contest on LegendFire.


Wick and the Cricket

Wick meets an ingenious cricket in the English countryside and together they delve into the mysteries of the universe. Enchanting and inspiring.


Rubaiyat II+I—Illustrated—An Omarian Universal Day

The light of Omar Khayyam shines again, in this epic successor to the FitzOmar Rubaiyat, via Omar’s quatrain conversations with his beloved female, the Moon of his Delight who know’st no wane, as they wander far from the noise of politics, wars, and mosques, in and about an enchanting forest, on green-grassed river banks, through fabulous gardens, and up and down the mountains, whilst in between they haunt the taverns, engaging in deep philosophical and religious discussions (RII)—in an Omarian Universal Day. Also includes ‘The Ultimate Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam’ (R1) interleaved.


The Exhaustive Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam—With Roots/Relateds, Lore, and Metaphysics Volume 1

This (Volume 1) illustrated and illuminated 11×8.5 hardcover 800 page presentation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam is meant to be the final and exhaustive rendering of Edward FitzGerald’s 115 quatrains that he transmogrified from Omar’s Farsi Arabic. The breadth and depth of FitzOmar has been greatly expanded upon herein by the collection and improvement of the FitzGerald-based root quatrains, plus variants and related Omar quatrains from the public domain, along with my own quatrains, and Positor’s, and putting their illustrated quatrains right after the best FitzOmar rendition selected from his four versions—which overall pictorial presentation beats just reading though some very long texts, such as the Bodleian and Calcutta manuscripts. There are also annotations and side stories and tangents presented, as well as my deep metaphysical explorations and solutions to Omar’s quandaries. Thus, the book is fully complete, giving Rubaiyat readers a whole lot more to explore—and ever worth revisiting. It contains about 1600 works of my art from iclone, Daz3D, and Photoshop, made over twenty years. What a puzzle it was to put together!


The Exhaustive Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam—With Roots/Relateds, Lore, and Metaphysics Volume 2


The Rubaiyat Expanded (grayscale text edition)


For The Super Heavyweight Championship Of The Universe: God vs. Science

The big bout. Round 1: In the Beginning… God played an active role in the Universe, After creating it, each and every verse, And especially one upon the Earth… Which is supposedly Only a few thousand years old, Or so it has been told.


The Greenless World

Marooned on an arid planetoid, when the Earth is destroyed, Patrick meets the alien, Serena, and tries to explain many things that she has never seen, foremost among them the color ‘green’.


The Good Book of the Humanist Bible…

Humorous but serious.


Book of Revelation

The End of Days—Judgment Day, from the Bible’s Book of Revelation by St. John the Divine.


God on Trial

Not Bad, just humorous.

Astronomical Wonders

Assorted observations, poems, and stories.


Brain Waves Illustrated

Many of the secrets of reality.


Illustrated Poems

Various plus The Art of Love.


The Knowing

What’s to know from the shambles of the Big Bang?


Life and Being Explained?

The implicit order.



Star Trek take-off/parody, but still great.


When an Angel Comes to Visit

Part of my autobiography; in the earlier years (8th grade); a romance.


Parmenides’ Unity in Multiplicity

The One.


Austin’s Tennis Tips

Seriously humorous.


How the Allies Won World War II

Why Germany couldn’t perfect their Atomic Bomb.


Willing the Will?

Fixed will.


Jokes Complete


Life in Balance

Romanticism and Classicism merged


The Great Omar

The lone jewel encrusted ‘Great Omar’, Now worth over 20 million dollars, Sunk, with the mighty Titanic—

I plucked it up from the North Atlantic.


The Quick and the Dead—On The Last Australian Mundi


The Beauty of Truth

Poems and images.


The Truth of Beauty

Illustrated poems.


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